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We are everything video editing.

Effortless Workflows. High-performing videos.

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Let's Cook Editing Services delivers world-class video editing, designed to leverage your brand.

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What we mean by everywhere.

Every platform. Every format. Every time.

We create for everyone.
That means you.

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Loved by leading brands.

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  • What can I expect from Let’s Cook’s Editing Service?
    To maximize your dollar. Video is the most powerful tool in the business world and will remain so throughout your career. The importance of editing begins from our proven methods of creativity with distribution, all at a fraction of the cost compared to an internal team, including management.
  • What type of videos do you edit?
    Visit our 'Videos We Edit' page for a full list.
  • Does Let’s Cook only produce cooking videos?
    We love this question. We edit all types of videos, in every format. Visit our 'Videos We Edit' page for a full list. Our name is a play on creating together 'cooking something up together,' reflecting an optimistic, action-oriented, collaborative approach.
  • What’s the turn around time for a video?
    It depends on the request. We have completed edits within the hour, less than 2 hours, 12 to 24 hours. Our most popular option typically involves a 10-day window, accommodating teams, revisions, and feedback.
  • Do you service my brand?
    Most likely, yes! Let's get in touch!
  • Who supplies footage for you?
    Yourself, your brand, or your team. Let's Cook Editing Service only delivers world-class video editing services. Our media libraries can support with high-quality additional footage. We have partnerships with world-class production partners all over the globe, Chrilleks is one of them. Mention this on our call together.
  • I have a special request for a video.
    Perfect. Let us know. - Let’s get cookin!
  • Do I just get an editor?
    You get more. Every project includes a lead account manager and an editing team, ensuring you receive an efficient process unlike any other. Additionally, we provide a media library accessible 24/7, along with modern and accessible ways of collaborating throughout the entire process. The lead account manager works closely with you one-on-one to bring your vision to life. Our team embodies creative director traits, ensuring consistent maintenance of brand identity, messaging, and creative elements such as visuals, sounds, tempo, emotions, and themes. We’re industry leaders deeply connected to current culture, our team excels in delivering impactful content.
  • What videos do you make?
    Incredible ones of every type! Visit our 'Videos We Edit' page for a full list.
  • Who edits our video?
    Our dedicated editing team, real human editors. We do not use Ai to edit videos. We are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. We do not outsource and are often under NDA. We do not outsource, we do not white label.
  • Feedback / Revision Process:
    Every video includes a set number of revisions, typically two per video before final delivery. Occasionally, a video may require three revisions, with the final version delivered after the fourth revision. If more revisions are needed, we will discuss the details to ensure clear communication.
  • Do you offer individual edits?
    Yes! You can fully customize with the 'à la carte' option. Or consider cost-effectively building from our packages, or grow together with a long-term partnership.
  • Why not just hire my own in-house editor?
    Consider managing editors across multiple projects. Burnout is a real issue in this industry. Payroll, attracting the right talent, keeping them motivated while managing software costs and equipment are additional considerations. Our team prides itself on integrity, time management, and overall systems—qualities that ensure every project is a success.
  • What can you guarantee for results?
    We always aim for the best. You’ll receive incredible final result that will maximize your investment. No matter what. The internet and algorithms are ever-changing, but what remains constant is brand loyalty from your customers—who you are and what you stand for. We guarantee that someone will love it.
  • Our process.
    Contact us to get started. We begin with a creative call together to clearly understand your needs. Pricing is either estimated or available on our website with the video editing packages we offer. After signing an agreement, we proceed to collect the necessary assets from you / your team. Our process is straightforward: 1) Send us your unaltered footage. 2) We handle the editing. Every video comes with a set of revisions. We offer editing services for all types of videos.

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