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Short-form Content Package

Designed to dominate competition.

Put money in your pocket
12x videos per month

Effortlessly publish a month's worth of content within days.

12x High-Quality Edited Vertical Videos, under :60seconds, based on a 6month term.
Includes two rounds of revisions with delivery on the third and final deliverable. Thumbnails not included. Prices in USD.

What's included:

Gain influence.
Turn customers into advocates.

Our Process

white printer paper with black print_edited.jpg
white printer paper with black print_edited.jpg

From 20mins to 20secs

Repurpose and elevate the quality of existing video. Shape it for max engagement and excitement levels.

A single :25sec high-level short-form video.


Two months of speaking engagements secured.

Relationships Matter.

And they always will. Welcome to the kitchen.

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