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Let’s Cook Editing is a
service + subculture in the video editing space.


Video editing services for leading brands.

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Our vibrant video editing culture.

Our Founder

Chris Grubisa


Chris Grubisa is a visionary leader with an driven passion for leveraging the transformative potential of media. Based in the bustling creative hub of Los Angeles, he spearheads global teams, driving two renowned creative ventures at the forefront of the industry.

As the co-founder of Chrilleks alongside his wife, Aleks Lason. Together Chris and Aleks have cultivated a dynamic creative agency that has flourished across international borders, operating successfully for over 13 years. Their agency has become a trusted partner for a diverse clientele, including legacy brands such as Kylie Cosmetics, Shopify, Under Armour, and RedBull.

In addition to his role at Chrilleks, Chris leads Let’s Cook Editing Services, where his expertise in video editing shines. With a profound understanding of the power inherent in video editing, Chris and Team harness proven systems, creativity, and cutting-edge tools to empower brands, podcasters, agencies, media companies, and creators worldwide.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris is a devoted family man, entrepreneur, and contributor to his community. His deep-seated passion for connecting with others and uplifting those around him is evident in both his personal and professional pursuits. An avid enthusiast of cooking, Chris sees the creative process as akin to preparing a culinary masterpiece – blending ingredients, flavors, and ideas to craft something truly extraordinary.

With Chris at the helm, there's not just a commitment to excellence but a genuine desire to collaborate, innovate, and cook up ideas that leave a lasting impact on the world of media and beyond.

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