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  • What can I expect from Let’s Cook’s Editing Service?
    You can expect to multiply your dollar with our services. Along with never having to look for another creative partner again. We are a creative team with the highest regard to integrity, quality and cutting edge style with fair pricing. We have the highest level of efficiency in the video editing market: from agreements, creative, payment and booking. To us clarity is kindness you are always informed of what is happening.
  • What type of videos do you edit?
    Every type, all sizes. Visit our page → here ← to see our entire list.
  • What’s the turn around time for a video?
    It depends. Every project is different. Book a call here to see what's possible. We have completed edits in less than 2hrs, 12hrs to 24hrs. Our most popular is typically a 10 day window, working with teams, revisions and feedback.
  • Do you service my brand?
    Most likely, yes - Let’s get in touch, book a call here.
  • Who supplies footage for you to edit?
    Yourself or your brand. We are able to source B-roll and also have production partners to help further assist. Chrilleks is one of them. Let's Cook delivers world-class video editing, and nothing else.
  • I have a special request for a video.
    Perfect. Let us know. - Book a call here and Let’s Cook!
  • Do I just get an editor?
    Nope! Every project has a lead account manager along with the editing team. The lead account manager works with you closely 1 on 1 to bring your vision to life. Our editors carry creative director traits, this carries into maintaining brand identity, messaging and creative: colors, sounds, tempo, emotions and themes. Our team is a collective of industry leaders well tapped into current culture. We edit for the modern day.
  • What videos do you make?
    Incredible ones! And every type, have a look here. We service Creators, Brands, Podcasters and Agencies.
  • Who edits our video?
    Our dedicated editing team located in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK. We do not outsource, we do not white label.
  • What do revisions look like?
    Every video comes with a set of revisions. Often times 2 revisions per video, then final delivery. - Occasionally 3 revisions per video, delivered on the 4th. If it exceeds this we discuss in greater detail, this typically means lost in translation. We are here to help.
  • Do you offer individual edits?
    We do. - Let's chat.
  • Why not just hire my own in-house editor?
    No ones stopping you, the managing of editors, payroll, attracting the correct talent and keeping them excited might. Software costs and equipment are to consider. Hope their integrity, time management and over all systems are great. Best of luck, you’ll need it.
  • What can you guarantee for results?
    We always aim for the best. You’ll receive incredible final result(s) that will multiply your dollar. No matter what. The internet, the algorithm are ever changing, what doesn’t change is brand loyalty to your customers, who you are, and what you’re about. We guarantee someone will love it.
  • Explain your process.
    Send us your unaltered footage and we edit. We edit for every type of video. To break that down further: Step 1) Contact us via our form. Step 2) We then hop on a call together to clearly understand the need. Step 3) We have an agreement together and proceed to the editing process. We operate from simplicity.

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